University of Eastern Finland, School of Computing


The conference is held at Hotel Koli in about 70 km north from Joensuu. Joensuu can be reached from Helsinki by air or by rail. Duration of travel from Helsinki is about 50 minutes by air and 4-5 hours by rail (RyanAir flies also to Tampere where it's possible to take a connection to Joensuu by rail). The conference arranges charter bus transportation between Joensuu and Koli on Thursday and Sunday. The charter bus collects conference participants on Thursday, October 28, from Joensuu Airport and railway station according to the following time table.

  1. 17:15  Round 1: Airport, railway station to Science park
    • 17:15 Joensuu Airport (Flight AY 489)
    • 17:45 Joensuu Railway Station (Train InterCity 5 from Helsinki and regional train 783 from Pieksämäki)
    • 18:00 Arrival at Joensuu Science Park (Länsikatu 15)
  2. 19:10 Transportation from airport, Science Park and railway station to Koli
    • 19:10 Joensuu Airport (Fight AY 8275)
    • 19:40 Joensuu Railway Station (Train Pendolino 7 from Helsinki)
    • 20:00 Joensuu Science Park (Länsikatu 15)
    • 20:35 Joensuu Railway Station, (Regional train 785 from Pieksämäki)
  3. 22:00 Arrival at Koli
Those arriving at the earlier pick up will wait at the Science Park for the second pick up from the airport. If you arrive to Joensuu on your own, please arrive to Joensuu Science Park latest at 19:30 to catch the bus.

In Sunday, the return bus will operate according to the following time table.

  1. 10:30  Leaving the hotel
  2. 11:50  Joensuu Railway Station (Pendolino 8 to Helsinki at 12:19 and Regional train 782 to Pieksämäki (Tampere, Turku) at 12:18)
  3. 12:00  Joensuu Science Park
  4. 12:20  Joensuu Airport (Flight AY8274 at 13:10)
Please, check for the trains and http// for the flights.