Koli Calling

International Conference on Computing Education Research

Doctoral Consortium

Call for Proposals
Koli Calling 2011 will organize a doctoral consortium as a pre-conference workshop 
on Thursday 17th of November.

The aims of the workshop are:
  • To offer a friendly forum for students to discuss their research topics, research questions 
    and design in computing education / educational technology
  • To receive constructive feedback from their peers and senior researchers.
  • To support networking with other researchers in the computing education research field.
  • To discuss any relevant questions related to research and academic life.
The consortium is designed primarily for students who are currently enrolled in any stage of doctoral 
studies with a focus on computing education research or educational technology. Students, who aim 
to carry out research in the field and who have a research plan but not yet a formal doctoral student 
researcher status, may apply, as well.
The number of participants is limited to 12.
In addition to organizers, senior researchers in the field will provide feedback and suggestions for 
improvement of the research proposals.


Each applicant should submit a document, which includes the following information:
  • a brief background of the applicant including information about previous studies, previous
    research topics, publications if any, and possible teaching experience or pedagogical studies
  • a summary of his/her research, including motivation, any relevant background and literature
    to contextualize the research, research questions, methodologies used or planned, and
    possible results obtained.
  • questions related to the research that the applicant would like to discuss and get feedback
    on in the doctoral consortium
The summary will be made available for other participants of the doctoral consortium to allow 
providing feedbck and preparing questions on the research. The research summaries are in
free format and should be 1-2 pages long. 

Important dates

Applicants should send the research proposal in PDF format by email to
Lauri Malmi (Lauri.Malmi@tkk.fi) by September 19th.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by email on October 3rd.

Note:  When submitting the applications you must put Koli Calling DC 2011 in the Subject line!

Venue and pricing
The doctoral consortium will be organized at University of Joensuu on Thursday (10-17), 
so that participants can take the bus connection from Joensuu to Koli at 17.15.  International
visitors are advised to arrive at Joensuu on Wednesday and stay overnight at a hotel.

Participation is free for people attending the Koli Calling 2011 conference.  People who wish
to participate the consortium only, pay a fee of 30 euros covering lunch and coffees.  All
participants will pay their own travel and lodging in Joensuu.

If you would like more information, please, contact

Prof. Lauri Malmi (Lauri.Malmi@tkk.fi)
Aalto University


Dr. Anders Berglund  (Anders.Berglund@it.uu.se)
Uppsala University


Dr. Neena Thota (neenathota@gmail.com)
University of St Joseph
Uppsala University

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