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International Conference on Computing Education Research

Teaching Computing in Schools

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Koli 2011 Working group on Teaching Computing at School /
Computing Teacher Education Summary
The aim of this workshop is to collect the state of the art and current activities
regarding Teaching Computing at School / Computing Teacher Education in
multiple countries; and to use this overview to develop a vision and/or identify
trends of what to do next.

We therefore intend to gather together a group of experts in a working group that will collect information on local activities via online collaboration prior to Koli Calling 2011 and then meet during the conference to discuss and outline a report on Teaching Computing at School / Computing Teacher Education.

Detailed Information
In different countries Computer Science Education in Schools is evolving. New initiatives, new curricula, new forms of support for teachers, development of course materials and so own contribute to this –
but only very rarely these initiatives and developments take notice from each other. In a workshop on Computer Science Education at Schools / Computer
Science Teacher Education we aim to bring together experiences,
approaches, and ideas, and develop a vision for future steps to support each
other. The focus is on Teacher education because teachers are at the heart of
maturing the situation of Computer science education in schools. The focus is
on those aspects of teacher education / teacher support that aim to contribute
to the evolution of CSEd at school. Procedure
The working group will first collect and share information, and will then discuss
ideas for developing and maturing CS teaching and CS teacher education. In the first stage, prior to the face-to-face meeting during Koli Conference, information on national state of the art in computing education at schools and teacher education will be collected using online collaboration. Participants basically refine and then fill out a questionnaire on the current situation. Also in the first stage a preliminary overview or summary on the collected data will be developed. During the workshop we will discuss trends, future developments, and perspectives. Therefore the working group will specify problem areas,
research questions, and possible development tasks. After the conference the results will be edited and polished in order to produce
a final report intended for publication.

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