General Information

The 5th Koli Calling conference will be held in the inspiring surroundings of the Koli National Park in Eastern Finland, an hour's drive north of Joensuu. The conference is organized by University of Turku and Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) with local arrangements by University of Joensuu.

The conference is aimed for people working in Computer Science Education and related research issues. The goal of the conference is to promote the exchange of relevant scientific and practical information between colleagues working on the same discipline. Furthermore, Koli Calling aims to combine practical teaching and learning experiences with solid research orientation. In spite of its traditional name, the conference is open for international CSE community.

There will be invited talks and several sessions for presentations with ample time for discussions. As the conference is known for its moderate size, intimate atmosphere, and lively discussions, only a limited number of submissions will be accepted. Last year we had some 40 participants from 7 countries.

Invited speakers include:
Sally Fincher, University of Kent, The U.K.
Erno Lehtinen, University of Turku, Finland
Raymond Lister, University of Technology Sydney, Australia