Venue and travelling

Venue and travelling

23rd Koli Calling conference (face-to-face part) will be held again in the beautiful surroundings of Koli National Park, in the Break Sokos Hotel Koli, about 75 km from Joensuu.

Conference venue at Google Maps

Travelling by train

The conference venue can be best reached from Helsinki by taking a train to Joensuu. Train schedule and ticket bookings are now available at the VR website. It is advisable to book your train ticket early enough, as the the VR train company has adopted a new pricing model and the ticket prices usually increase substantially when the travelling date approaches. The recommended train connections are as follows.

  • Helsinki – Joensuu: Thursday, November 16
    • 13:15 – 17:51 (InterCity 5)
    • 15:15 – 19:38 (Pendolino 7)
  • Joensuu – Helsinki: Sunday, November 19
    • 12:11 – 16:40 (InterCity 8)
    • 15:11 – 19:45 (InterCity 10)

The above-mentioned trains are reachable from the Helsinki Airport via Tikkurila railway station by taking the Commuter train P on arrival (Helsinki Airport – Tikkurila) and the Commuter train I on departure (Tikkurila – Helsinki Airport). Travel time from the airport to Tikkurila is about 8 minutes, and the commuter trains operate every 10 minutes. You can book your ticket directly from Helsinki Airport to Joensuu.

Flying to Joensuu

There have been cuts and reduced services on flight services between Helsinki and Joensuu since the COVID-19 pandemic. During the conference, the flights will be operated by Finnair. However, there is only a limited number of flight options available. The following flights might serve the conference participants:

  • Thursday November 16, Helsinki – Joensuu, 06:35-07:40 (AY341)
  • Thursday November 16, Helsinki – Joensuu, 16:40–17:45 (AY345)
  • Sunday November 19, Joensuu – Helsinki, 20:45-21:50 (AY348)
  • There are no earlier flights from Joensuu to Helsinki on Sunday, November 19

Koli Bus Schedule

The conference will organise a shuttle bus transportation from Joensuu to the conference venue, and back to Joensuu on Sunday. The bus transportation is included in the conference registration fee. The bus will pick up the participants from the above-mentioned trains (or 17:45 flight) at Thursday, November 16. We encourage the participants to choose one of the recommended train connections from Helsinki to Joensuu. On Sunday, the bus leaves Koli so that the participants will be able to reach the InterCity 8 train departing at 12:11. If you are travelling between Helsinki and Joensuu with other connections than listed above, please contact us so we can help you to make your way to Koli and back to Joensuu as needed!

  • Thursday, November 16
    • 17:45 (InterCity 5) Joensuu Railway station – Koli (arrival around 19:30)
    • 19:30 (Pendolino 7) Joensuu Railway station – Koli (arrival around 21:30)
    • Joensuu Airport – Koli as needed
  • Sunday, November 19
    • 10:00 Koli – Joensuu Railway station (InterCity 8), arrival around 11:30

Applying for Visa

Visitors from outside the EU will more likely need to apply for a visitor’s visa to enter Finland. Please consult your nearest Finnish Embassy or Consulate. We can send invitation letters for those participants with accepted papers and conference fee paid.