Keynote 2021: Dr. Sue Sentance

Keynote 2021: Dr. Sue Sentance

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Sue Sentance will be presenting the keynote at Koli Calling 2021.

Dr. Sue Sentance

Sue Sentance is the Chief Learning Officer at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Director of the new Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, UK.  She received her PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University back in 1993, and since then has worked as a secondary teacher, teacher trainer, university lecturer and researcher, before joining the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2018.

At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Sue leads the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s research team and additionally acts as an advisor for the Foundation on all their teaching and learning activities. She played a leading role in the government-funded National Centre for Computing Education, particularly around the development of the Teach Computing Curriculum, Isaac Computer Science, and online teacher professional development courses. She also leads the Gender Balance in Computing research programme.  This year Sue was awarded a Suffrage Science award for Maths and Computing and in 2017 the BERA Public Engagement and Impact Award for her services to computing education in the UK.  

Dr. Sentance will be presenting Teaching computing in school: is K12 research reaching classroom practice?

Increasingly computing is becoming part of the school curriculum in countries around the world. In addition, the number of research papers and projects focusing on K12 computing education has grown almost exponentially over the last decade. But is that research reaching the classroom? If not, what are the mechanisms that we can use to ensure that it does? There is much to explore around the impact of research and the way that computing education researchers can engage with teachers and school systems. Aligned to this topic is the role that computing educators themselves can play within research activities and in setting the research agenda. So there is much to discuss! In this keynote I will give an overview of recent developments in K12 computing education from a variety of perspectives. I will then look at ways in which research findings can be implemented in school education and the influence that research can have on educational policy. I will augment the  discussion with some examples, and will hope to engage conference participants in reflecting on their own experiences of research-in-practice.

We look forward to seeing you at Koli this year!

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