Koli: Attendee Information

Koli: Attendee Information

Thank you for joining Koli Calling 2021! We’re look forward to seeing you (online) soon.

This email has a few tasks for you before the conference starts. 

  1. First, the conference program is now available so you can identify sessions to attend:


    Each presentation has been scheduled twice and is followed by a Q&A period, to try to give each attendee an opportunity to discuss each piece of work. Posters are scheduled during breaks between sessions. The poster and presentation times have also been distributed so that colleagues from Europe, North America, and Australasia will have opportunities to see one another.

    While the presentations are each scheduled twice, the keynote, program committee meeting, and large socials are only scheduled once.

    Also, please note: the main timezone is in Finland, so North Americans will find the first sessions are scheduled on the 17th.
  2. Second, the conference will be based on Discord. We’re sending links to new registrations daily. Mail us for an invitation link if you did not receive one.

    We encourage you to accept the invitation soon, to set up your account and to make sure that you are able to access the server.

    Update your server profile with your pronouns and/or affiliation. Post an introduction in the #introductions, then test your mic in one of the voice channels. If you have any problems, please post in #tech-support. We’re already there and happy to help.
  3. During the conference, we’ll announce sessions in the #general channel and will provide the zoom link to the session. Each paper presentation is followed by a Q&A period where participants can ask questions either via chat or aloud. A session chair will moderate the discussion. Some sessions end with intro videos of posters which will be presented during the following break.

We’ve probably all seen a wall of black screens during the pandemic – asking questions live and having cameras on during Q&A is the closest we can get to being together at Koli. It’s also an excellent way of getting to know new people. But if you can’t or don’t want to use a camera or a mic that’s fine too.

During social events and the breaks, please join one of the voice or paper channels to start a conversation. If no one is available, just jump into an empty channel. That will encourage others to drop by to say hello.

  1. Presenters: Each paper and poster has a separate channel on the conference Discord server. You may wish to post contact information, a pre-print of your paper, or a link to your presentation in your room. While the conference is running, please check your room to see if anyone has left a note.

    Please arrive at your session a few minutes ahead of time, so we can confirm you are available. If you are comfortable doing so, please turn on your camera at the start of the session, so we can introduce you, and during your Q&A period.

As we get questions, we’ll update this post and highlight changes at the top.

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