Koli Calling 2021 Awards

Koli Calling 2021 Awards

Thank you to all of the attendees, authors, reviewers, and organizers who supported the Koli Calling community this year! We are looking forward to seeing you at Koli Calling 2022 … in Koli!

This year, Koli recognized Superb Reviewers, who contributed to the conference through consistently excellent feedback to authors and significant contributions to the discussion. The PC members recognized are:

    Paul Denny (University of Auckland)
    Stephen Edwards (Virginia Tech)
    Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University)
    Juho Leinonen (University of Helsinki)

Koli also recognized a set of excellent paper submissions. Two papers were noted as runner-ups to the Best Paper:

Wrong Answers for Wrong Reasons: The Risks of Ad Hoc Instruments
Luca Chiodini and Matthias Hauswirth

Evaluating a Pedagogy for Improving Conceptual Transfer and Understanding in a Second Programming Language Learning Context
Ethel Tshukudu, Quintin Cutts and Mary Ellen Foster

Finally, the Koli Calling 2021 Best Paper is:

Exploring Algorithm Comprehension: Linking Proof and Program Code
Philipp Kather and Jan Vahrenhold

Congratulations — and thank you — to all of those recognized!

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